Ahoy, Matey and welcome to the website of Storm Sailors.

Come aboard and fly with us on The Tempesta through the savage skies and help us fight against the pirates.

A school project...

Storm Sailors is a video game project created for the BTS in the year 2020. It is a school project in the curriculum for the students in their first year during the second semester. This project is sought to bring students from two different classes (BTSGP & BTSGA) and give them the opportunity to create their first game in a group project. During one entire semester the students were to use their skills learned from their first semester and continuing through the second one, to create a video game without any outside help.

During that time, the team Lighting to strike was formed with three members. Facing many challenges these young sailors went in with a storm and passion to create the game known as Storm Sailors.

Storm Sailors Trailer