The Story

Delirium Flyer

Two gods try to take over the world. The Lightning God is working on a hopeful and utopian Garden of Eden. The Thunder God, however, prefers despair and dystopian aftermaths. Each of the Gods has their own minions and sends them into the world to gain power. The player is the minion of the Lightning God and must collect essences of energy to maintain the beautiful, colourful world. Otherwise, the Thunder God will overthrow the order of the world and survival will be a huge struggle. In this adventure you play Francis, a minion of the lightning god, whose task it is to stop the thunder god from possessing the world.

The Idea

We wanted to create a happy and fun game for the player, but at the same time we wanted to disturb the player and let him feel uncomfortable while he plays the game. So we came up with the idea of the two worlds. The player is supposed to feel safe and enjoy the happy world, but with a closer look, he can see that everything has the same face, not just the enemies, also the buildings and decorations in the game. We also created the second world, this one is creepier, because everything in it is rotten or dead.

The Character

Francis in Air

The minions of Lightning and Thunder are all hollow clay puppets in which the Gods confine the souls of their worshippers. This time, it is Francis’ turn to keep the Lightning God’s reputation and power consistent. Francis is known among his peers for loving flowers and clean underwear. It can shoot lightning essence and use thunder to block enemies away. Kicking its enemies in the guts is its speciality. In the fancy Lightning world, Francis is brimming with energy. Alas, its energy drains once the tremendous Thunder world appears. Once Francis is defeated, its soul travels back to the Lightning God’s realm.

The Team