Access the FOXI server
1. Internal access
You may mount your home directory immediately from Windows. You can do this by using
the “Map network drive ...” from the Windows File Explorer:
Drive = W:
Folder = \\\<username>
The field <username> has to be replaced with your IAM username in lowercase!
You must click on “different user name” and fill in the following information:
Username = <IAM username>
Password = <matricule>
The password is in any case your social ID “matricule”.
You are allowed to store any project related files onto this server. All files you put into your
home folder are immediately visible from the internet. You can access the web server
using your preferred browser at the following URL:<class>/<username>
The field <class> is the abbreviation of your class, e.g. T2IF2, 12GI, ...
If you don't want to do these steps each time, you may also create yourself a
connect.bat file which you can start by double clicking it. Put the following content inside
this file:
net use w: \\\<IAM username> /USER:<IAM-username> *
Each time you start the file, it will ask you to enter your password before the mapping will
be made (the black window will close automatically). If you don't want to enter you
password each time, you could write it to the file (not recommended but possible).
net use w: \\\<IAM username> /USER:<IAM-username> <matricule>
Access the FOXI server
2. Database access
Your MySQL account information is the following:
Server =
Username = <IAM username>
Password = <matricule>
Database = <IAM username>
In order to manage your database, phpMyAdmin has been installed as well on the server.
You can find it here:
3. External access
The server is also accessible from the Internet. It's external address is, so
you just need to point your browser to this URL to access your project page:<class>/<username>
Your folder is password protected. Please use your IAM login to access it. If you ever wish
to show someone your work, you may copy it over to the public folder, which is
containted in your document root. All it's content is not protected by any login.<class>/<username>/public
- or -
Notice however, that for security reasons, this folder cannot be accesses from the internal
network, so from inside the classroom.
To access phpMyAdmin from the outside:
If you want to access your files from the outside, you can upload them using any SFTP
capable client (Filezille, WinSCP, CyberDuck …) on the servers public address (Port 22) and
using your account credentials.
Access the FOXI server
4. Logging
Each user has his own error log file for PHP error, which is located in the following location:
The best way to display it, is using a terminal (like Putty) and tailing it on the screen:
tail -f /www/<class>/<username>/.log/error.log
5. Changing your password
You are strongly advised to change your password as soon as possible! To do this, use
“putty” to connect with your credentials to the server. Execute the following commands:
1. passwd
With this command you can change your default shell password. This is the
password you use to connect the server from outside using any SFTP client or using
2. smbpasswd
With this command, you change your “Windows share password”. This is the
password you use to mount your home folder in Windows.
3. To change the database password, please use the link inside the phpMyAdmin
interface. Change this password before you start developing!
Access the FOXI server
6. Debugging
You may not get a remote SSH connection to the FOXI server, so please follow the here
described instructions before contacting the system administrator:
1. Try to ping the FOXI server by using the following command:
If you get no response:
1. Check your internet connectivity by pining some other server like e.g. Google.
2. Make sure your firewall is not blocking ICMP ping packages.
3. The FOXI server may be down or is unreachable from your location. You may
contact the system administrator.
2. Try to telnet to the port 22 of the FOXI server by using this command
Linux/Mac: telnet 222
Windows: telnet
Your should see something like SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.5p1 Debian-3”. If that is not
the case:
1. Make sure your firewall is not blocking outgoing TCP/IP packets from your
station at destination of the FOXI server.
2. The FOXI server may be down or is unreachable from your location. You may
contact the system administrator.
3. Try to open a terminal to the FOXI server using Putty (Windows) or by entering the
following command in your terminal (replace <username> by your real username):
ssh <username>
If you do not get asked for you password but see instead a message like “Server
unexpectedly closed network connection”, your IP address has been blocked
because of too many failed logins. You should do this:
1. Restart you modem in order to get a new IP address and try again.
2. If you do not get a new IP address, you have probably a static one. In that case
mail it to the system administrator in order to get it whitelisted.
4. Contact the system administrator but don't forget to feed him with a very detailed
an accurate description of your problem. Don't expect to get any concrete help out
of a simple “it doesn't work”!