1. Schedule and programme

Class from 16:30 - 18:10 every Wednesday in room 210.


  1. Introduction.

  2. Course outline.

  3. List student business ideas and let each student briefly present his idea, vision and motivation. What is the specific opportunity?

  4. Tests of an entrepreneurial opportunity (from John Bates LBS):

    1. Does the opportunity match my experience, skills and interests?

    2. Can I recruit and lead the team needed to exploit the opportunity?

    3. Is the timing of the opportunity right?

    4. Does the opportunity constitute a scaleable (and saleable) business?

    5. Does the opportunity offer good margin potential?

    6. Am I developing an opportunity or simply an idea?

  5. Homework: Prepare initial business plan including detailed product description as well as target market, competition and SWOT analysis, financial planning etc. to be submitted in Trello.


No class.


  1. Each student briefly presents his/her initial plan followed by critical discussion.

  2. Explain product placement, target market and SWOT analysis as well as cost planning.

  3. Homework: Students refine their initial plan and submit it in Trello.


  1. Students refine their initial plan and get individual coaching.

  2. Initial discussion of successful pitching: Believe in your idea, have done your homework → convincing body language.

  3. Homework: Prepare pitch.


Guest lecture by Benoit Fortemps and Diego Debiasio.




Review of startup weekend
  1. What worked what did not?

  2. What did you like, what not?

  3. Lessons learned?

2. Resources